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Abrasives Cloth Rolls
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Abrasives Cloth Rolls

1.Abrasive grain: Aluminum, silicon carbide, zircornia, ceramic
3.Bond:Resin over Resin
4.Weight of cloth: J, X,Y, YY
5.Coating:Closed, Semi open, Open
Use for making belt or for hand using.

Product Description

The following type could be available

SIZE(D*H) Feature Appilictaion Product No. Remarks
38*50000mm can make sheet, narrow belt, rolls, and used by hand, 40#-400# Ideal for low alloy steel,metal,cast iron in belts and rolls. Flexible structure, ideel for furniture accessories, hardware, handles, kitchen accessories and relevant sectors R155001 Aluminum Machine
R155005 Aluminum Hand
50*50000mm R025001 Aluminum Machine
R025005 Aluminum Hand
100*50000mm R045001 Aluminum Machine
R045005 Aluminum Hand
115*50000mm R455001 Aluminum Machine
R455005 Aluminum Hand
150*50000mm R065001 Aluminum Machine
R065005 Aluminum Hand
1400*50000mm R565001 Aluminum Machine
R565005 Aluminum Hand
38*50000mm can make sheet, narrow belt, rolls, 24#-120# Ideal for sanding low alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zamak and non ferrous steel in belts, roll, and flap discs R155002 Zirconia
50*50000mm R025002 Zirconia
100*50000mm R045002 Zirconia
115*50000mm R455002 Zirconia
150*50000mm R065002 Zirconia
1400*50000mm R565002 Zirconia
38*50000mm can make sheet, narrow belt, rolls, and used by hand, 36#-400# Idealfor brass, copper, non ferrous steel, aluminium and zamak in blets and rolls. Flexible structure, idea for armature, valve and relevant sectors. R155003 Silicon carbide
50*50000mm R025003 Silicon carbide
100*50000mm R045003 Silicon carbide
115*50000mm R455003 Silicon carbide
150*50000mm R065003 Silicon carbide
1400*50000mm R565003 Silicon carbide
38*50000mm can make sheet, narrow belt, rolls 36#-80# Ideal for sanding stainlesss steel,high alloy steel, heat resistand steel and cast iron in belts, rolls and flap discs. R155004 Ceramic
50*50000mm R025004 Ceramic
100*50000mm R045004 Ceramic
115*50000mm R455004 Ceramic
150*50000mm R065004 Ceramic
1400*50000mm R565004 Ceramic

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